TKMicro – The Italian Green Heat Exchanger

TKMicro® microchannel heat exchangers are widely recognized as an efficient technology with thousands of successful worldwide installations in most of HVAC/R application fields. Since 2010, ThermoKey has manufactured condenser and water microchannel cores leading in Europe a technological transition from traditional round-tube Cu-Al heat exchangers. TKMicro® is an opportunity for the OEMs to change over to more efficient [...]

Chillventa eSpecial 2020

ThermoKey will be present with a virtual booth during all 3 days of the Exhibition! The new solutions for the HVAC market and the refrigeration industry will be presented at the 100%-virtual Chillventa eSpecial event on October 13-14-15. NEW INDUSTRIAL CUBIC UNIT COOLERS Application: industrial refrigeration for food market refrigerated warehouses preservation of fresh and [...]

Latest news and useful information on the HVAC/R industry

After enjoying a little summer break, we are back and we are excited to look at what lies ahead in the next months, always with one goal in mind: provide excellent support to our clients and satisfy their needs and requirements in the best way possible. Are you curious to learn more about our products, [...]

Summer break

Our offices will be closed for holidays from 14th to 23th August, included.   ThermoKey's staff will take some time off in order to come back with even more energy and enthusiasm for our clients! We wish all of you happy summer holidays and we hope you get the chance to enjoy a little break [...]


FIRST TRAINING MODULESmart cooling with the microchannel solution Thanks to the efforts of our team of experts on the microchannel, we launched the first training module of our TKAcademy which was dedicated to the "Intelligent cooling with the microchannel solution". Thanks to the interest met from chiller manufacturers, we want to further deepen the most [...]

ThermoKey – 2019 budget

Today we were featured in the Messaggero Veneto newspaper, the most important in Udine, with an article about our 2019 P&L statement audited by PricewaterCoopers. Profits and turnover continue growing, and during the first half of the year the order entry was in line with the 2020 budget forecast. ThermoKey continues to grow: 2019 budget figures enable [...]

New refrigeration fins press

With summer approaching and the need to store food longer, the refrigeration season is about to reach its peak. What better time to start up our new refrigeration fins press? It is a new-concept 120-ton molding line produced by the Italian C.M.S. company. The production island is fully integrated with the new industry 4.0 systems [...]

Covid-19 Update

From the very beginning of the current health crisis, ThermoKey continued to do its utmost to deal with this extraordinary situation and ensure a timely update on the development of its activities and on delivery times.   Considering the constantly evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, we kindly ask you to please turn to your usual contact person at ThermoKey for [...]

ThermoKey: 30 years of made in Italy production

Here is the interview to our General Manager, Giuseppe Visentini, published on Il Piccolo, Trieste's main newspaper. ThermoKey's growth was possible thanks to its commitment to sustainability since 2011, and to its investment in products with a low environmental impact, which made it the only Italian company manufacturing recyclable aluminium remote condensers that require 70% less refrigerant. Heat [...]

Industrial refrigeration – Complete range of products

Refrigeration is the technique that allows the proper storage of food and pharmaceutical products, making them easily available at separate times and locations from the ones where they were been harvested or processed. The EMEA market for cooling units used for this purpose is worth about 200 million euros. The following is an overview of [...]

TKArchimede – New release 2020

TK-Archimede 2020 is characterized by the introduction of new features, by the new price list valid from today, in addition to the implementation of some accessories and the solution of some bugs. Benefits: Introduction of new materials: possibility to select directly from the software new fin materials (as Almg 2,5% for condensers and drycoolers) Introduction of [...]

ThermoKey: temporary suspension of operations

As is well known, due to the current Covid-19 health emergency the Italian Government ordered the closure of all non-essential activities, at a national level. ThermoKey must therefore temporarily suspend production until Friday, 3rd April, in compliance with the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 22nd March 2020. The Sales, Technical customer support, [...]


Rivarotta di Rivignano Teor (UD) – 11th March 2020  ThermoKey states that all company activities proceed as usual: our premises can be reached without any traffic restriction (neither for cars nor for trucks); production and order deliveries have not been stopped or interrupted; carriers and forwarders are allowed to carry out loading and unloading operations [...]
Thermokey - Microchannel are 55% more convenient than traditional solutions.

Responsible cooling

Sustainability can also be convenient TKMicro – The Microchannel solution projected by ThermoKey, compared to the traditional Tube and Fin technology, allows to save up ¾ of the refrigerant charge, reducing both global warming potential and cost of charge. The impact of air conditioning on global climate change As Bill Gates wrote in his personal [...]

ThermoKey has obtained important certifications: Eurovent and PED Cat2

Eurovent Certification: Power line table and V-Type Dry cooler To confirm our compliance with the high quality standards and demands of HVAC market, our Dry Coolers are now certified Eurovent. Eurovent has confirmed the following operating performances: Power Air flow Energy consumptions Sound levels Construction features Eurovent certification confirms and guarantees that the performances of [...]


Read the ZeroSottoZero interview It has been more tha ten years that the Italian company ThermoKey, based in Rivarotta di Rivignano-Teor (UD), has specialized also in the manufacturing of microchannel heat exchangers, made in aluminium and of all sizes. Today it can boast of being the only Italian company that manufactures this type of components. [...]

sales team of Thermokey Deutschland Gmbh

Since 01.01.2019 Dipl. Eng. Stefan Vetter has strengthened the sales team of ThermoKey Deutschland Gmbh. For more than 25 years  Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Vetter has been at home in the refrigeration world. As a long-standing sales engineer for one of the leading component manufacturers and as a project and sales engineer for a well-known refrigeration equipment manufacturer, Dipl.-Ing. Stefan [...]

ThermoKey results 2018

"Our turnover increased 11% for the fourth consecutive year. This allows us to plan investing on product development and market growth"   Giuseppe Visentini, General Manager The purpose of a company is to generate a valuable product. A product with a value that Customers recognize. A value by a company who takes part in this challenge [...]

ThermoKey North America LLC

We are expanding our sales worldwide network by opening a new officein Chicago, managed by Jose Garcia-Hernandez. Jose has been a pioneer in closed-loop cooling and has over 20 years experience in process chilling and cooling systems. ThermoKey North America LLC 150 N Michigan Avenue, Suite 2800 Chicago, IL 60601 Phone: 312-981-5052 www.thermokey.us

R32 – Difluoromethane, the new refrigerant gas

Name: R32 (HFC-32) – Difluoromethane Type: Difluoromethane Chemical formula: CH2F2 ThermoKey microchannel core (TKMicro25), thanks to its high-quality materials and increased thicknesses, is already compatible with the new R32 and all the refrigerants, current and future ones, with operating pressure (PS) equal to 50 bar and inlet temperature on the gas side of the exchanger [...]

The return of CO2 as a refrigerant

CO2 use in ThermoKey To stay in line with the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets set by the regulation, ThermoKey has long since introduced CO2 as a refrigerant for the whole range of evaporators. The GWP indicator - Global Warming Potential - is used to measure the level of global warming using a CO2 scale [...]

ThermoKey highlights at Chillventa 2018

Watch the full video now to visit this year’s stand and discover our news and highlights at Chillventa 2018, the main gathering for the international refrigeration community including the segments AC, ventilation and heat pumps. Why Chillventa? Chillventa 2018 was a resounding success. Once again, it saw significant increases in all trade fair KPIs. An [...]

Adiabatic systems

The adiabatic system applied to Dry Coolers and large remote condensers are activated in order to increase the air relative humidity that passes through the heat…

Data-centre Coolers

As computer chips get smaller and faster, they’re getting hotter and hotter. Typically, almost 40% of a data center’s electricity bill is because of its cooling equipment…