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Data Centre World

ThermoKey is ready for Data Centre World in London

The largest and best attended data centre event for business which returns in March 2018 for a 10th year edition.

ThermoKey provides durable, convenient and bespoke data centre cooling solutions achieving the highest efficiency while reducing noise emissions and energy costs.

Data centre are fundamental for global connectivity due to their storage capacity - everyone of us distribute data
24/7 expecting real-time access to them whenever and wherever we are.

However, most of the power used by IT Infrastructure’s business is converted into heat which need to be removed and managed effectively to boost IT performances.

x Every element of IT equipment that consumes power produces an equivalent amount of heat in return.
The removal of hot air could be as simple as an air duct, but it is generally achieved by using a heat exchanger to transfer heat from one fluid to another (e.g. from air to water).
One or more methods can be used to cool computer rooms and Data Centres.