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Archimede 2018

We are pleased to announce that our New Software Archimede is ready!

Archimede 2018: new release

• New offer management
• New refrigerants
• New range of fans (EC single phase fans,2 brands EC fans, EC special fans, AC Atex fans, High temperature AC fans, UL EC fans, fans with Axitop and Fans with ZAPLUS)
• New features (optimization circuits calculation, special calculation at single point for EC fans, special unit selection with prices of accessories included…etc)
• New Price List
• New layout of the software
• New print layout


Since it is a complete new version, it is necessary to install a complete new setup. All the previous versions (releases before 2018) are installed in different folders and it is therefore unnecessary to uninstall them. The true update function will be enabled by the next release of New Archimede. To help you in the installation process, please take a look at the attached guide.At the end of the installation, a window will open with your personal serial number. Ask for your activation code to indicating your serial number, your company’s name and your email address. ThermoKey will send you the activation code.Please use the following set up to download it: Archimede 2018

Features of New software Tk-Archimede 2018

TK Archimede enables you to select the complete range of ThermoKey both round tube products and microchannel condensers.Tk-Archimede 2018 is completely renewed in features, lay-out, printout and prices. To help you use the application properly, please take a look at the attached guide.TK Archimede is continuously updated with new features, unit types, accessories and library (fans, refrigerants, fluids and row materials).